GEOTEA owner demonstrating how to use the GEOTEA Machine at the Hawaiian Sanctuary near Hilo, HI.

Turf trials at Rodale Institute show great results. Organic agriculture fights global warming!

90 minute documentary movie trailer "It All Starts in the Soil", fimed in 15 locations by filmmaker Beezhan Tulu

Harvard University uses and teaches organic lawn care on their campus.

Harvard uses GEOTEA to keep their campus looking beautiful without using chemical lawn products.

Compost Tea as a key component to organic landscaping.  This firm vigorously trials compost tea.

GEOTEA at use at the award-winning landscape feature near the Boston Harbor. Maintaining vibrant tree health with compost tea.
GEOTEA is used by a professional landscaping company on parks and upscale residential properties on Long Island.

GEOTEA Machine tutorial...

An organic farmer on Maui uses GEOTEA throughout their farm to greatly improve soil and drastically reduce run-off.
Landscape professor teaches compost tea at Wisconsin technical college