Leading Edge Compost Tea Technology

GEOTEA Machines make Actively Aerated Compost Tea OR Compost Tea Extract!


Extracts the most Microbes

The patented GEOTEA Extractor Dome (tm) is submerged below the surface with a large volume of air vigorously extracting all sets of microorganisms and and other beneficial components...

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Maintains High Levels of Dissolved Oxygen

The GEOTEA WaveForm(tm) Aeration System mimics the action of a white water rapids, allowing an Active Compost Tea the ability to maintain high oxygen levels...

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Allows easy cleaning and years of trouble-free service.  Unlike air stones or neoprene air diffusers, GEOTEA's stainless steel Air Diffuser will never clog or foul...

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  • GEOTEA Machines can be set up in modular systems to accommodate any output requirements
  • GEOTEA Systems were introduced in 2004 and are in use in at least 24 countries worldwide by Landscapers, Arborists, Farms, Vineyards, Universities, Golf Courses, Greenhouses and others.  Make GEOTEA part of your operation today!